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Best Types of Foundation for Your Skin

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 19, 2018 3:42:00 PM / by Dermatology Center for Skin Health, PLLC

Dermatology Center for Skin Health, PLLC

Have you been on the quest to find the perfect foundation? Maybe your foundation isn’t matching your skin color or it is causing irritation and breakouts. Finding the foundation that works best for your skin tone and texture can seem impossible.

Read on to learn more about the makeup foundations recommended by our dermatologists and how to pick the best one for your skin type.


Skin coverage is the foundation’s ability to cover skin flaws to give your skin a perfected look.

  • Light coverage: Light coverage foundations do not hide skin imperfections, or flaws, and work to even-out slight imperfections in skin tone. Light coverage foundation is great for those with near perfect skin.
  • Medium coverage: Medium coverage foundations hide mild flaws and even-out skin tones to give a fresh look. These foundations will not hide significant skin imperfections on the skin.
  • Heavy or full coverage: Full coverage foundations cover your skin completely. They will hide skin imperfections and give your skin an even appearance.


There are many different foundation formulas, ingredients and textures to choose from--picking one for your skin type isn’t always easy.

Use this guide to find the best foundation for your skin type.

Skin Types

  • Acne Prone Skin: If acne is a concern for you, a medium to full coverage foundation will work best. When applying your foundation, use a clean brush or sponge. Mineral makeup, like Jane Iredale, has skincare ingredients to help diminish inflammation from acne breakouts, while simultaneously providing coverage.
  • Aging Skin: A heavy foundation can settle into lines and wrinkles, so a light coverage liquid foundation, or a tinted moisturizer, will work best to provide the appearance of younger looking skin.
  • Dry Skin: A hydrating light coverage, foundation will help quench your dry skin throughout the day. For longer lasting coverage, apply the foundation with a clean finger while pressing it into the skin.
  • Oily Skin: To cover up oily shine, use a medium to full coverage foundation. To apply the foundation use a brush or sponge, rather than your fingers. This application technique will prevent the transfer of oil from your hands to your face.
  • Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, stay away from heavy, fragranced foundations. Mineral foundations applied with a clean brush or sponge will work best for sensitive skin.



There are several different types of makeup foundations. These foundations differ in consistency, ingredients and application. Each different type of foundation has its own advantages:



Liquid foundation is one of the most popular types of foundations. Liquid foundation goes on easily and works well for dry skin. Before applying the liquid foundation, shake the bottle to avoid separation. This type of foundation can be applied with a makeup sponge, makeup brush(es) or your finger. Liquid foundations provide the heaviest coverage and can be used for hydrating dry skin or absorbing oil.



Powder is the most classic type of foundation, and the simplest to apply. Normally, it comes in a compact case, which can easily be used for quick touch ups. This type of foundation consists of a drier formula, which is best used on oily skin. Powder foundation is lightweight and providers a natural finish. A dense, soft brush can be used for full coverage, or you may use a looser bristle powder brush for light coverage.  



Stick foundation provides the best coverage for blemishes and breakouts. This formula is great for on-the-go touch ups because of its compact packaging. It has a thicker consistency, which makes it important to find the right shade for your skin tone. Stick foundations can be used as a concealer for larger areas of skin. This foundation gives a medium to full coverage and works best on non-oily skin.



Mineral foundation is powder based and normally comes in a compact or sifter. You can get a light to medium coverage, and it is quick to apply. Mineral foundation works great for oily skin types because of clean mineral base ingredients. Mineral foundation is recommended for sensitive skin or if you are prone to acne. A kabuki brush, which is also perfect for blending, works best for applying mineral foundation.



The main purpose of tinted foundation is to provide minimum coverage. Since coverage is lighter, it is not ideal for covering heavy discoloration or blemishes. However, tinted foundation is great for creating a bright skin tone and providing lightweight summer coverage. This type of foundation is a moisturizer with a slight tint. These formulas are best for skin types that require a little more hydration.


Blemish Balm (BB) Cream

BB cream is great for a broad range of skin types. It is a creamy formula and can help even skin tones, add color and moisturize the skin. BB cream works well with a variety of skin types. BB cream provides coverage and skin care benefits like antioxidants and SPF.


Color Correcting (CC) Cream

CC cream is similar to BB cream. Its purpose is to provide a light layer of coverage with a natural tint. These creams hydrate the skin and contain anti-aging ingredients. CC cream helps even the skin tone to give a fresh and brighter look.



Whether you want a full coverage liquid foundation, an easy to apply powder foundation or a light foundation, there are foundations for all skin types.

Below are foundations that we recommend:

  1. Bareminerals Barepro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20: This liquid foundation offers medium coverage, which will cover imperfections, but it is light and comfortable.
  2. Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup: There are a variety of different formulas available in this line. The Disappear™ Full Coverage Concealer is a favorite product for many of our patients with acne prone and sensitive skin.
  3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: This is the perfect high coverage foundation that will stay on all day. It will leave a flawless complexion and feel lightweight.
  4. Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful 24-H Foundation: This medium coverage foundation will make you feel like you aren’t wearing anything. This foundation is oil free, making it perfect for acne prone skin.



Please do not use the SPF in your foundation as your skin’s only layer of protection against harmful UV rays. It is a common misconception that the SPF rating in foundation provides the same amount of protection that a suncreen or sunblock would provide. This is false. The amount of foundation (1 oz) that would need to be applied to provide the amount of coverage promised in the SPF rating is far more than the amount applied during your makeup routine. 


At the Dermatology Center for Skin Health, we believe our patients should be educated on how to keep their skin healthy through preventive care and more. Our priority is to deliver complete and compassionate skin care to our patients, including providing information on how to pick the best foundation for their skin type.

Learn how to take care of your skin and prevent premature aging with our Guide to Preventive Care. It includes information on:

  • Selecting skin care products
  • Caring for dry skin
  • Common skin problems
  • Sun care and skin cancer prevention
  • Reducing scarring
  • Prevention for athletes
  • Aging
  • Tattoos and piercings
  • Seeing a dermatologist


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Dermatology Center for Skin Health, PLLC

Written by Dermatology Center for Skin Health, PLLC

Our priority is to deliver complete, compassionate care to our patients while educating and assisting them as they make care decisions regarding the health and beauty of their skin.